This mapping tool is designed to help people at various campuses connect with each other, so they can get their schools engaged in the election, on a nonpartisan basis. Thanks to this initiative, the percentage of student participation in university elections has increased significantly. Most of them even decided to buy college research paper via to pay more attention to participation and organization of the electoral process. The map is part of the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP), which pulls together resources to help college and university administrators, faculty, and staff engage their students in the election, helping them register, learn about the issues, volunteer and turn out at the polls. CEEP works primarily through the state affiliates of the key higher education service learning network, Campus Compact, and with other allies and partners. We offer examples, templates, interactive tools, and other resources to get students engaged in the election.

Through our state outreach efforts, CEEP develops key contacts at schools throughout the country. These contacts then take the lead in helping coordinate nonpartisan student engagement efforts on their campuses, using CEEP resources. Other national higher education associations are also passing on the resources we create and encouraging their members to use them. This Campus Vote Map allows people who want to help engage particular campuses to connect with each other and coordinate at a given school, or in their state.

Here’s how it works. By signing up on the secure portal, you’ll make it possible for other interested people at your school to contact you and work together to help engage your students in the election, on a nonpartisan basis. So we hope you’ll enter your name and contact info, so people can email you through this website, and then use the map and the other Campus Election Engagement Project resources to begin working together to engage your campus. Listing your contact info will also let our state coordinators contact you to connect you with others at your school. All emails go through the website, so you’ll be protected from spam, and your phone will only be listed if you choose.

We also hope you'll pass the word about the map, and check back periodically to see who else is participating on your campus and nearby. Our Campus Election Engagement Project will also send periodic updates to the list of those who sign up, like new resources and reminders of voter registration deadlines. But otherwise your information will be kept private.

Thanks for your participation in helping further democracy.